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Funeral Costs

We are committed to providing fair and affordable funerals that alleviate the financial pressure on grieving families, but which still provide the prerequisite, caring and dignified send-off for your loved one.

Whatever you choose, whether you decide on a direct, simple, traditional or more bespoke funeral arrangement, we never compromise on the quality of the care and service that is delivered.

Traditional Funeral Service - (cremation or burial)


Included in our Traditional Funeral Service:

  • Availability of professionally trained local staff, twenty-four hours a day.
  • Removal of the deceased within a 30 mile radius
  • Personal care and preparation of the deceased
  • Attending to all relevant and legal paperwork
  • Co-ordinating and conducting the funeral
  • Provision of funeral bearers
  • Use of black motor hearse
  • Up to 40 Orders of Service

You will need to choose a coffin


  • Cremation / Burial costs and doctors’ fees

Simple Funeral Service


We are pleased to be able to offer a ‘no-frills’ funeral for those who want a more simple send-off. This option specifically excludes the use of our private Chapel of Rest for viewing, a church service, the use of limousines and announcements.

Included in our Simple Funeral Service:

  • In office hours removal of deceased from any place of death within a 20 mile radius
  • Completion of all documentation
  • Cremation service at the local crematorium at a time and date of our choosing
  • Hearse, a funeral director and four bearers, travelling directly to the crematorium
  • Simple elm paper veneered coffin with nameplate
  • 50% payment in advance


  • Cremation / Burial costs and doctors’ fees
  • Service sheets and flowers are optional extras

Direct Cremation Service


Included in our Direct Cremation Service:

  • Removal from an address which extends across Wiltshire
  • No viewing
  • A simple coffin with nameplate
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Cremation on a day and time we choose, with no funeral service and no attendance at the crematorium
  • Option to collect the cremated remains from the Funeral Directors or for them to be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance (unwitnessed)
  • Cremation fee and Doctors fees

Full payment in advance.


These are charges that are made by third parties, which are paid on your behalf prior to the funeral service. These payments will be required before the funeral takes place.

These may include items such as:

  • Cremation or cemetery fees
  • Doctors fees for cremation certificates
  • Church Fees
  • Death notices in local or national newspapers
  • Grave preparation if burial
  • Printing (Order of Service)

Example of Disbursement costs

  • £180.00 - £250.00 Minister/Celebrant/Humanist
  • £675.00 Crematorium from
  • £377.00 Church service from
  • £341.00 Burial from
  • From £45.00 Flowers

Coffin Prices

Some coffins require special delivery. There may be a delay of up to three days. If this is the case, we will inform you in advance.

Urn Prices

  • £125.00 Wooden casket. Solid Oak or Mahogany
  • £105.00 Unity Earth Urn. Heart shape or Autumn Leaves
  • £45.00 Temporary Grave Markers
  • £70.00 Wooden Cross from

Additional Products and services

  • £100.00 Black limousine seats up to 6 people
  • £250.00 Additional limousines (each) from
  • £60.00 Embalming (If deemed absolutely necessary and with express permission only)
  • £500.00 Horse Drawn Hearse
  • £225.00 19th Century Wheeled Bier
  • £ P.O.A. Other forms of hearses
  • £1.40 per mile Additional mileage over 30 miles – each vehicle
    Conveyance of the deceased to the church, the day before the funeral:
  • £255.00 Monday – Saturday
  • £295.00 Sunday
  • £60.00 Interment of cremated remains
    This fee is waived if we have arranged and carried out the funeral
    • Collection of cremated remains from the Crematorium
    • Making all the required arrangements
    • Completion of the necessary documentation
    • Paying all disbursements in advance
    • Conducting the Interment
  • £90.00 Preparation of the Grave


We only carry out embalming if we believe it to be absolutely necessary, for the benefit of the family and also the deceased. In the past there has been the misconception that a body has to be embalmed to be viewed. This is not the case and you should be specifically asked if you would like embalming to occur and not be led to agree to it under the guise of “hygienic treatment”. Of course, should the deceased need to be repatriated then embalming is carried out with regards to the regulations.

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